7 Tactics to Make Your Emails So Irresistible Your Subscribers Can’t Help But Click


August 12, 2023

With a little TLC, your messages can become your subscribers’ new obsession

Do your email open and click-through rates suck?

Do recipients glance at your newsletters for a millisecond before spamming them to oblivion?

Well, your emails don’t have to keep sinking to the bottom of inboxes. With the right tactics, you can craft emails so irresistible that recipients will be eagerly awaiting your next message.

Here you’ll find 7 proven tips to transform your email headlines from boring to downright clickable. Whether you need higher open rates or increased engagement, these tactics will help you write email headlines your audience loves.

Bid adieu to lackluster headlines, and say hello to email glory. Here are 7 ways to make your headlines impossible to ignore:

Urgency Triggers

Spark instant curiosity and urgency to open by using subject line triggers like “limited time only,” “ends soon,” “last chance,” etc. But use urgency judiciously or risk coming off sales-y.  Most of the time these types of headlines are used with consumers and retail purchases. An example of this headline is “3 days left! 50% off summer sale”  

Reader Benefit

Highlight the direct benefit the reader will get by opening your email. For example, a company or college might send an email with this headline: “The cheat sheet for acing our application process”

Curious Questions

Pique interest by asking questions in your headlines like “What’s the #1 request you’ve been asking for? Find out now!” Readers will open the email to find the answer.

Numbered Stats

Specific numbered stats can garner clicks by highlighting impressive or intriguing facts. For example, “9 ways to decorate with our home products.

Timely References

Increase relevance by referring to current events, holidays, or seasons. This helps connect with what’s on your audience’s mind right now.  For example: “Our top 10 books to read this summer”

Segmented Personalization

Personalize headlines when possible to the reader’s name, interests, or past actions to make them resonate more. Segmenting allows tailored headlines. “Hey [FirstName], your exclusive members-only deal is here!”  Remember, personalization goes beyond using a first name. Personalize the content based on the recipient’s interests, demographics, or other data.

Clear Calls to Action

Compel specific actions by using direct CTAs like “Register here” or “Download now.” Clarity on what to do drives higher conversion rates.

The key is testing different types of headlines and seeing which resonates most with your particular audience. Try combining multiple tactics like a numbered stat and reader benefit. With a compelling headline, that opening is guaranteed.

Once you’ve got the recipient’s attention, continue that interest in the email by keeping the promise that your headline represents and beyond.  Be sure to include:

  • Captivating visuals
  • Value-Packed Content
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Killer Automation

Stop settling for emails destined for the trash folder. With a little TLC, your messages can become your subscribers’ new obsession. Put these 7 tactics into play, and get ready for some serious click action!

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