What People Are Saying

I had the pleasure of working with Teajai, while I was a design consultant for Outback Pools. Teajai was recommended by another business owner who spoke glowingly of her. Teajai immediately impressed me with her knowledge of marketing and managing social media. Teajai is very talented at helping businesses grow their brand. Most of all; She is an insightful, sensitive, dedicated, and deeply self-aware individual driven to explore a deeper understanding of her craft.

Throughout the time we worked together I was impressed by her sunny disposition, in spite of my perfectionist nuances. Teajai was always an active participant in all marketing discussions. Teajai showed the deepest respect of others opinions even when they differed from her own. Her caring nature and personality allow her to work well with others in a team setting. She showed a level of empathy of being able to put herself into another’s shoes; allowing her to gain a new perspective on the overall issue from all angles.

I am certain Teajai will continue to do great and creative things into the future. Teajai seeks out constructive feedback from her clients to constantly improve her craft; which is a rare and impressive quality in the current workforce. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at JesseSchniepp@gmail.com.

Jesse Schniepp

Adjunct Professor, WSU Tech, OutBack Pools

Teajay is an expert in her field and does an excellent job of working to the needs of the client. She has gone above and beyond the ‘job description’ for the work, she did for me, and I’m thrilled at the results. She attracts great people to work with her and they clearly enjoy what they are doing. Thank you!!!

Rachel Flower

Owner/Founder, Sensoma

Teajai did an outstanding job developing my website. I sent her the information that I wanted to include in the website (in Word format) and she ran with it and developed a wonderful website. I have received many compliments on my website. Very impressive and would most certainly refer her to anyone I come across that needs a web designer/developer.

Donna Wiley

Owner, Paralegal Litigation Specialists

Thank you so much for all your help in starting this new business. I absolutely could not have done it without you. Not only are you bringing me business through digital marketing, but you also had tons of helpful ideas that are necessary to start a business for marketing, operations, pricing, etc. Thanks a million!

Paul Wells

Owner/Founder, Get A Move On, Gotta Get A Handyman

I am happy to confirm that you do excellent advising. you and your team are a pleasure to work with.

Howie Shariff

Executive Director, You Call This Yoga

Teajai was very creative and developed a website that focused on all areas of my business in a highly professional design. It has been several years ago that i worked with Teajai but she is very passionate about keeping up with the most resent technology.

Carolyn Goertz

Owner, Health & Healing Massage

I have used Teajai’s services since 2007, and she has helped me establish and grow my online presence. I sell rare and out-of-print books and Teajai has helped me establish an email newsletter and periodically redesign the front page of the website. She is very knowledgeable in her trade and is always on the cutting edge of search engine optimization and technology. I look forward to continued success with Teajai in the future, and would not hesitate to recommend her services.
Kristian Strom

Owner/Founder, Lowest Cost Books

Teajai redesigned my website to be search engine friendly. I got great results, at a good value. Teajai is very personable and easy to work with.

Deb Eilert

Owner, Bella Scrapbooks & Keepsake Photos

Teajai is very personable and easy to work with. When given a task she follows through to make sure the task is done in a timely and professional manner. I recommend her for website development and marketing strategies.

Mike Herman

President, Superior Rubber Stamp

Teajai is first and foremost one of the most creative people I have ever met. She continually comes up with new and fresh ideas to keep my business moving forward. She also has a great knack, for pushing me, not to rest on my past successes but to move forward into areas I would have never attempted. Thanks to Teajai I am now proficient at Facebook, Twitter, running my own blog, and LinkedIn, and has even helped to get my ideas out into publication format using an Article base. All I wanted originally was a website, but she had other ideas! She is to the point and pulls no punches but has always had my best interest at heart. I would without hesitation recommend Teajai and “Ideas that work” to anyone considering the internet game, especially those who might be new to this form of marketing and business. Again, as always thank you Teajai for helping me take Muttz R Us to the next level!

Mike Deathe

Owner/Founder, Mutts R Us/KISS Dog Training

The site is looking better each day. My wife said the site looks the most professional it has ever looked.

Nick Cavarocchi

Owner, Kaos Surf Shop

Teajai was a pleasure to work with and is an amazing web designer.

Kanoa Biondollio

Founder, Baja123, Mex123

We reached out to Teajai when we needed to update our website. Following her suggestions we are now marketing using the internet. Teajai has been a great counselor during this process.

Phill Blann

President, Anesthesia Billing

Teajai is an expert in her field. Always up on the latest in the “techie” world. She has great ideas and will work one on one with you until you figure out what you want/need. Not out of touch like many bigger organizations attempting to get your business.

Jennifer Shaults

Owner, Little Richard's Pools

I have done my own web design or dealt with others who design for over 15 years and until now I did not know what happy and simple was when it came to having a website built. I interviewed at least 10 companies for the task of designing my latest business website and they all fell short except TJ who I felt stood out from the pack. I knew from our first conversation that she knew what she was talking about.

These other so-called professional companies throw around big terms and double talk hoping you will be so dazzled you will not notice either their inability or over-inflated pricing. TJ offers you a chance to have a quality product at a price that the average Joe (that’s me) can afford, which gives the little business a competitive edge in the internet world! She is extremely easy to deal with and always answers her phone or gets right back to you. I find her to be very intelligent and creative, oh, and patient because she put up with all of my questions and phone calls (I have been known to drive people crazy).

She offers a wealth of experience and I love that she is not afraid to extend her opinions instead of letting you make a terrible advertising mistake, but at the same time will do what the customers want (even if they’re wrong).

If you’re looking for a fresh good looking website look no further, unless you think you can do it better or don’t want to hear a good opinion then hire one of those yes men out there, there are plenty and they’re a dime a dozen (for good reason).

Thanks a million, TJ and staff! I am very pleased and I will continue to use your services and refer you!

Joe Z

Owner, Clearsite Windshield Repair

Teajai is very personable, she’s an expert in her field and she produces great results.

Todd Stedman

Owner, Alkota of Kansas

You are really doing a great job (with email marketing, and PPC management)!  . . .  I’ve had a few phone calls as well in the past week or so, which is good.   Again, great job & thank You so much… ~

A Bloom

Owner/Founder, Viewpoint Solutions

I have worked with Teajai for almost 9 years. We have worked on various projects for joint clients. I have always found Teajai to be both professional and timely. She has always exceeded my client’s expectations for creativity and professional presence on the web. I have and will continue to recommend Teajai to clients needing a strong web presence. 

Jim Scarpelli

Consultant, Piace Solutions, Inc.

. . . well done – thank you for helping us with our client’s site – they have already received enough business to pay for the cost of development/optimization of the website.

Tara Hager

Graphic Designer/ Owner, The Zinna Group

Good, professional quality; excellent customer service. Both are hallmarks of enduring companies. Thanks for a great website.

Rick Lanman

CEO, McPherson Airport

It has been a pleasure working with Teajai.

Randy LeDuc

Owner, Custom Quik Signs

As our relationship has grown between our two companies, I’m becoming more and more impressed with the professionalism that you demonstrate each and every day. . . thanks for your very professional attitude, the website and brochure are absolutely fantastic. You did a great job.

Jim Graham

Owner, Diversified Benefits

I look forward to working with you on my next internet website coming soon!

Megan Evans

Executive Director, Prairie People Tourism

I am pleased with what we have done so far. I have recommended the company to others and will continue to do so. Thanks .”

Dave Lewis

Owner, Diecast World

When Hospice Care of Kansas abandoned an old web address, we were not prepared for what we later discovered. Our old address became the new home of an internet site of ill repute! Needless to say, some of our customers utilizing our old address got more than they bargained for.

Teajai brokered a deal with the new “owner” in Australia, saving our old address and relieving an embarrassing situation. Thank you Teajai!

Lars Stamp

Vice President/COO, Hospice Care of Kansas

. . . as always, thank you for all your extra effort and help. You truly go beyond!

Wes Smith

Owner/Inventor, Monkey Poker/Monkey Games

Teajai redesigned my website to be search engine friendly. I got great results, at a good value. Teajai is very personable and easy to work with.

Kim Legleiter

Executive Director, Stauth Memorial Museum

It has saved me a lot of money and time. Instead of taking samples out to customers, they choose a liner by looking at my website. It’s made it so much easier and quicker.

Larry Konecny

President, American Pool Company

The site far exceeded my expectations, and I have received many compliments from the program providers on the site.

Candida Wise

Founder, Music In You

I would like to thank you for the work done on behalf of Champion Fundraising to negotiate and recapture our “pirated” domain name. Our ChampionFR.com URL was and is very important to our website from a marketing standpoint and well worth the relatively modest fee you charged for your expertise and deftness in guiding the ownership rights through escrow and into our hands.

And. . . a Herculean effort to get our website to the point where it now is. Absolutely great to work with.

Thank you

Victor St. Vincent

Founder, Champion Fundraising

I absolutely love it, I’m thrilled to death. It’s very professional and I can’t think of anything I’d do differently. It’s an integral part of my overall marketing campaign. It’s driving traffic to my phone and customers who call can go to the site to see the quality of my work . . . terrific to work with . . . friendly, professional and eater to take care of my needs and wants.

Dave Ambrose

Owner, Dave's Decks

 . . . very pleasant, eager to help and make my site work. Highly recommended.

Larry Setzkorn

Owner, S/B & Sons

Not only did Teajai do a terrific job of building my website- but she has also taken a personal interest in my success. She has repeatedly gone out of her way to help me understand my site. I feel that in her eyes I’m more than just a client.

Don Guidas

Production Director